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Once again big congratulations for what you have achieved so far and yes, if you aren t taking an ssri anti-dep, the atarax will help you get of the diazepam.

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Mdicins should not b disposd via wastwat houshold wast. Ask you phamacist on how tdispos mdicins nlong quid. Ths masus will hlp potct th nvionmnt.

Dosag adjustmnts may b quid i Ataax is usd simultanously with oth CNS dpssants with dugs having antimuscainic poptis (s sction 4.5 ‘Intaction with oth mdicinal poducts and oth oms intaction’).

Hydoxyzin, whn administd tth pgnant mous, at, and abbit, inducd tal abnomalitis in th at and mous at doss substantially abov th human thaputic ang. Clinical data in human bings a inadquat tstablish saty in aly pgnancy. Until such data a availabl, hydoxyzin is containdicatd in aly pgnancy.

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inform your doctor about all your previous and current medications that includes over-the-counter medications and herbal products before you buy atarax.

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